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How to measure the size




The size of convertible dress is very simple, just need to measure your waist and your skirt length.


Waist: Measure around the natural waist, about the height of the belly button. It is normally a good guideline.


Length: This measurement is for the actual skirt length of the dress. Take the measurement from waist to hem, depending on how high you want the dress to sit in the waist, and down to the hemline.


We provide from S to 2XL, custom size is also available.

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How to wear a convertible dress




When hearing convertible dress, perhaps you will have some ideas of the word “convertible”. It means capable of being converted. It can be worn in infinity ways as you wish. Now I’m introducing a few simple styles to you.


First: How to wrap the convertible dress Cross Front Halter style?

1, Cross straps at the front & take over opposite shoulders.

2, Secure in a bow at the neck.

3, Making sure seam is covered.


Second: How to wrap the convertible dress v-neck style?

1, Cross straps at the front & take over opposite shoulders.

2, Hook one strap over the other & return both straps back to the front.

3, Cross straps at the front & return to the back.

4, Secure in a knot or bow at the back.


You see, simple and stylish. Are you eager to have one and wear your desired effect?

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What is convertible dress




Maybe you do not know what is convertible dress or are not very interested in it. However, you will fall in love with it after my introduction.


Convertible dress is the same with ordinary dresses, it consists of two parts: skirt and straps. But what makes it outstanding is the two straps. These two straps´╝łabout 79 inches´╝ë allow the dress to be worn in infinity ways.


Whether you are a wedding guest, pregnant mother, fashion girl or someone looking for bridesmaid dress, it can meet all your needs and never out of date.

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What occasion is suitable for convertible dress




The infinity dress can go from day to night, casual to formal, even replace your closet! For example, you can choose a bright color dress to attract the attention of others at the graduation party. It’s better to choose a dark color dress in formal occasions, it makes you look elegant and modest. If you just get up and haven't decided what to wear, your friends call you out, then convertible dress will easily solve this problem; if you are pregnant in hospital and need to wear loose clothes, but do not want to become very bloated, convertible dress is a good choice.


Using different styles can also match different occasions. For example, if you want to show your beautiful back on the red carpet, halter style is just right.

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